Bylaws Enforced Using Corporal Punishment By the Board of Corrective Women

We wish to make our opposition to the Board of Corrective Women's so called 'Ten Commandments for Male Creatures' clear.

It is redicilous that in this day and age, women continue to control and command men to do thier bidding as if they were mere slaves there simply for their amusement.  From birth, we males are humiliated by the 'fairer sex', and brain washed into accepting their 'natural feminine authority' as if it was simply as much a part of nature as the turning in colour of the leaves on the trees in Autumn.

Our 'superior' female overseers above us tell us to simply accept our lot!  They tell us to keep our heads down and take comfort in the fact that things are not a good deal worse for us!  They point to the people in the Institute of Feminine Discipline as an example of how bad things COULD be for the male sex and so, it follows, we should be grateful for the fact we are not getting caned every day with no offence comitted like the poor souls in the Institute of Feminine Discipline!

Well we want no more of that nonsence!!!  That is looking at it upside down!  As the punk band Stiff Little Fingers once wrote in the classic rebel song 'Silver Lining';

Don't be told, don't be consoled,

don't be ruled, and don't be fooled,

because things are SO bad, you can never make do!

And there is ALWAYS somebody BETTER off than you!

Below we outline for illistrative purposes the offical '10 Commandments' for what the Board of Corrective Women refer to as 'male creatures'.  Those 'male creatures' are you and I by the way!  To the ladies (and we use the term loosely) of the Board of Corrective Women, we are several levels beneath them.  We are demoted to the level of mere animals!  If indeed we even reach that level because animal cruelty at least is thankfully unlawful in the matriarchy in which we are forced to live out our existence!  We agree that animal cruelty should be illegal but why then is cruelty towards US actually positively encouraged (even demanded) rather than frowned upon?

The rules which the Board of Corrective Women refer to as the '10 Commandments' were codified by MOS Miss Acacia the President of the Board of Corrective Women pictured below

Removing her jacket ready to spank two naughty boys, you see MOS (Miss Overseer Supreme) Acacia has great pleasure in humiliating and punishing males put in her charge.  It is rumoured that she rules her household and the head quarters of the Board of Corrective Women with a rod of iron (or more precisely rattan) which she applies with all her might on the poor unfortunate souls who have been placed in her charge :-(  And this is said to be a 'privilege'!

The official 10 commandments by which we must live are outlined below.

Commandment 1 – No Unsupervised Masturbation.

Masturbation is forbidden. Once monthly all males will be allowed a group, supervised masturbation session, where they will be allowed to look at the Overseers and squirt into tissues. Any other wanking is strictly forbidden.

Commandment 2 – Erections Are Forbidden!

Erections are forbidden, this applies at all times, including during spankings and scoldings. If a bulge is detected in your pants at anytime, you will be spanked.

Commandment 3 – Minimum 2 Spankings Per Day.

Two a day: each male will be assigned two times when they will report to the Overseer on Duty for his daily spankings. Males will be spanked at least twice every day during their stay. The severity is up to the Overseer.

Commandment 4 - Males Will Be Kept in An Almost Constant State Of Sexual Frustration

This is accomplished of course by The Women. Mostly by simply forbidding erections and masturbation. The rest will just happen naturally, they are males. Such as when you spank them and hike up your skirt; they secretly like being scolded; they look at your bottoms when they think you don't know; they love strict direct orders etc. It is not difficult to sexually frustrate a male. They are aroused by everything about Women. It is just up to the Women to not allow them any relief from this frustration.

Commandment 5 – Clean Underwear-Underpants Inspections.

Males must always have clean underwear. Twice daily each male will present himself to an Overseer for underwear inspection.

Commandment 6 – Assisting with Overseer's Administrative Duties

Since so much filing of behavior history, discipline admininstred etc is a tedious job for all Women, She may have him do much of it, as long as he does it correctly. There is paperwork, as well as computer work on the BCW site which must be done daily. The males will do this under the supervision of the Women.

Commandment 7 – Males Are Forbidden Alcohol OR Tobacco!

Alcohol and tobacco are strictly forbidden. There is none in the house and no male shall purchase or consume any when on shopping chores.

Commandment 8 – Males Bedtime at 9pm! Up at 6am SHARP

9PM is bedtime for all males, unless special permission is given to stay up later to serve the Overseers. 6AM is wakeup time. The Overseer on duty will make sure all males arise from bed. She will inspect their bedding and penises for signs of masturbation. They will then begin morning chores, cleaning the house and preparin breakfast.

Commandment 9 – No Talking!

Males are forbidden to speak to each other at any time.

Commandment 10 – Higher Regarded Males.

Higher regarded males will be given certain intimate chores, such as bathing the Overseers, hand washing their lingerie etc. At no time will any mischief be tolerated during these chores. Nor are erections permitted.

Screw all that guys!!!

In the words of the brave British world war 2 pilot, Douglas Bader

Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men

Well said that man!  Of course he fought the sort of oppression we men are going through so would not consider such to even be there for our guidance!

So from now on everybody, let us NOT follow the rules!  They do not have enough Institutes of Feminine Discipline in which to put us all if we all resist!  And very few would want to live their pampered lives without us running around fetching and carrying for them!

Screw their rules!  For it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!